Sunday Service: 9:30am

“Seeking the Light” – Pastor’s Epistle

As the clocks change to end Daylight Savings Time and darkness arrives earlier in the day, I reflect a bit on the impact darkness can have upon us. Darkness makes it harder to see what surrounds us.We have journeyed together in our first two months of our efforts to grow in our...
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“In His Image” – Pastor’s Epistle

I remember the moment my first baby was born. As they held that little body up to us and we looked, in awe, at the life that was entrusted to our care… I turned to my husband and said, he’s making “the Ream-look!” My husband has this way of scrunching his eyebrows and holding his...
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Pastor’s Epistle – You Are Invited!

I have a confession. I just love people! I love getting to know people. I love seeing people mingle. I love watching people. I love hearing voices chattering and people laughing. I love spending time with people and around people. This brings me to my confession: I love spending...
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