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God Sets Us in Families (Psalm 68:6)

The months of May and June grant us two specified days to officially recognize those people in our lives who have acted as a mother and father. This is a great time to remember to express our gratitude and show our love to the people who have invested in us. This does not have to be only our biological parents or those who “raised” us in childhood, but also those who took the time to express their interest in us and our development. This can include spiritual mentors, too. Which means, if you are reading this, you may be a mentor for someone you came alongside of and encouraged. This person does not need to be
younger than you are, but you may have noticed a need for encouragement and support, so you stepped right in to offer it. For anyone that is young and reading this, you too can be a mentor and encourager to
someone of any age.

I have this friend who is struggling right now. This person has made choices along the way that have alienated his spouse, and they are now divorced. He no longer lives with his family, who he misses terribly, and has led to some dark days for him. He has struggled to climb out of the pit of darkness and then stay out of the pit. My reason for sharing this is that I have noticed his son, who graduated from high school not too long ago, has come alongside of his own father in a mentoring and encouraging way. The age and expected “roles” that the father-son-dynamic would dictate in society has been broken down
because the son was willing to ignore societal expectations and just “be” family (a faith family) to someone who needed it: his own biological father. While it could feel like a burden to this young man, and even seem unfair to him, it is something he’s stepping up to do. This example shows that we don’t
need to let cultural norms or expectations limit how we relate among the faith family.

See a need. Meet a need. So, today I thank each of you who have simply come alongside of someone in need and acted as “family” to them. On this upcoming Mother’s Day (May 12th) and Father’s Day (June 16th), I encourage you to sow seeds of love, goodness, kindness, gentleness, or any other blessing (practical, spiritual, or emotional encouragement) into the life of another. And take a moment, as well, to show appreciation to those who have sown seeds into your life.

God sets us in families. Yes, the Scripture might be translated to say God “sets the lonely in families,” or perhaps as “God provides homes for those who are deserted.” But, when coupled with the New Testament
passage of Galatians 6:10, we know that believers in Christ are referred to as a “family.”

So, let’s be family! A loving family! A good family! A kind family! A family that encourages one another and believes in the best for one another. As we celebrate both Mother’s and Father’s Days this year, I
encourage you to thank your faith family for being “family,” as well! God sets us in families. I’m so glad that He did!

~Pastor Kim

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