Sunday Service: 9:30am

“Seeking the Light” – Pastor’s Epistle

As the clocks change to end Daylight Savings Time and darkness arrives earlier in the day, I reflect a bit on the impact darkness can have upon us. Darkness makes it harder to see what surrounds us.
We have journeyed together in our first two months of our efforts to grow in our awareness and understanding of the variety and beauty of humanity, God’s Image Bearers. We shared a bit about people from Hispanic or Latin cultures, people with hearing impairment, people with diminishing memory and people with mental health issues. These next two months we will seek to grow in our compassion for those who are different from us and confess ways we may have (even unknowingly) acted in ways that gave a foothold for division, disrespect, disadvantage, or disengagement. Our journey is taken to help us open our eyes, minds, hearts, and lives to the full expanse of humanity that is all around us AND to help us embrace and welcome the diversity of those who bear God’s Image. This journey is steeped in God’s Word and our prayers that God’s Holy Spirit is guiding our steps.
This month we will look at Indigenous/Native American/First Nation people and in December we will look at people dispossessed of Human Rights and at victims of gun violence. These topics will NOT overshadow the seasons and celebrations of Thanksgiving and Advent in any way. Rather, I pray, this will help us grow in our appreciation of God’s love for ALL and help us celebrate these holidays in richer and deeper ways.
There is no political agenda here in our journey in this year of Jubilee and looking at the Image of God in all its fullness. We are Christ’s church and seek Him and His Word above all else. Acts 1:8 shows Jesus telling His apostles to “be (His) witness… to the ends of the earth.” There is a lot of variety among the people across this globe, so we seek God’s help to allow us to embrace the fullness of those who bear His Image. May God bless and guide us on this journey.
I am thankful for you, and I love you dearly. I look forward to the beauty of celebrating Thanksgiving and
Christmas seasons with you!

~Pastor Kim

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