Sunday Service: 9:30am

Green Tree Church of the Brethren

As a people called by God into community in this place, we understand that we need each other. Just as we need Jesus Christ at the center of our lives, we need each other to be his Church. So it is that we make the choice to depend on each other. All of our unique differences make us a vital fellowship. We understand that our congregation’s purpose is to honor God and care for those whom God loves. Open relationships in the spirit and attitude of Jesus Christ can allow us to better serve God and our neighbor. We commit ourselves to communicating honestly and respectfully and respecting and valuing one another as unique individuals created in God's image. We trust that as we fulfill this commitment, we may become a healthier community of faith and a clearer witness to Jesus Christ and his Gospel. We choose to use the resources of scripture, prayer, and Christ’s example as a guide for our behavior. Contact us: Phone: 610-666-6700 Email: Address: 1078 Egypt Road, Oaks, PA

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Year of Jubilee

In Numbers 36:4, we see that on the Day of Atonement, the blowing of a ram’s horn would indicate the start of the year of Jubilee. The Israelites would dedicate this year as a year of rest to God, acknowledgingthat God would provide for their needs. The Year of Jubilee, which...
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Pastor’s Epistle – You Are Invited!

I have a confession. I just love people! I love getting to know people. I love seeing people mingle. I love watching people. I love hearing voices chattering and people laughing. I love spending time with people and around people. This brings me to my confession: I love spending...
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