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Love Feast

In the Fall, I wrote an article about how much I missed Love Feast while I was traveling in Alaska. Well now we are moving through the Lenten season and Love Feast is on the horizon on Maundy Thursday. This
time I’m not going to miss it. So, I ask the question, why is it so important to me. I think there are several answers.

First, it is the most important service in our church year. It is our holiest, most sacred of all the times we gather in worship. It is the time when I feel most like a true disciple of our Lord. Why? Because we reenact to the fullest degree the entire meeting in the upper room—-the Last Supper. We say the words they said, we do the things they did. We are there if only in spirit for that very special night and truly it is something that cannot be equaled in any of our other times of worship. We can truly feel Christ’s spirit in our midst and that is so overwhelming that I cannot find words to describe it.

Second, it is the time when I feel closest to our church family. We are truly brothers and sisters with one common purpose—to prayerfully remember what Christ did for us and thank Him with all our being for His great and undying love.

So, we sit quietly and examine ourselves, our unworthiness, our weaknesses and how we can improve. We wash each other’s feet just like Jesus did to remind us that we are not better than anybody else and we need to serve others just like He served us. We eat together a Love Meal, a feast of sorts and we eat it
joyfully because we are one in Him together and we are full of joy for what he has done for us. we truly are brothers and sisters.

Finally, we share communion—His body and blood. We do this because He asked us to so that we will remember Him but also because we have an unbreakable bond with Him, a bond that leads to eternal life.

So, there you have it–just a few thoughts on why I’m looking forward to Love Feast. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. How often do you get to be in every intimate way with the one who created you, walks each day with you, and loves you so much he died for you and redeemed you? After you come to join me, let me know if you feel the same way too.

~Rod O’Donnell

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